Before and after, this is what coke does to you folks!

Cocaine -- a high-priced way of getting high -- has a mystique. Called "the caviar of street drugs," Cocaine is seen as the status-heavy drug of celebrities, fashion models, and Wall Street traders. Movies like "Blow" and books like Killing Pablo sensationalize the business and use of cocaine. The reality of cocaine hits after the high. Cocaine has powerful negative effects on the heart, brain, and emotions. Many cocaine users fall prey to addiction, with long-term and life threatening consequences. Even occasional users run the risk of sudden death with cocaine use. Read on for the not-so-glamorous truth about cocaine use and its effects. [1]

Coke gets you high users can feel on top of the world, they get over confident and may take risks they shouldn't. Later when the cocaine wears off users may get depressed and stay depressed for days. Injecting cocaine or other Drugs with dirty needles can cause HIV and other serious, even life threatening infections. [2]

Seriously cocaine is very much more harmful than for example Cannabis. Cocaine can cause fatal heart attacks even in users without heart disease, cocaine can cause strokes and can damage many other vital organs. [1]

Coca Cola used to contain cocaine. The term 'Coca' even refers to the coca leaf from which cocaine is made. They only stopped using it in their recipe in 1929.

Sigmund Freud took cocaine regularly and even wrote a pamphlet titled "Über Coca," which promoted the drug as a cure to sexual impotence.

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