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This is more of a conservapedia thing, but most liberals can easily define the term ‘conservative’ and tell whether one is liberal or conservative.

This is a list of TV characters who could be classed as right-wing. Some of the info may contain content which some viewers may find offensive or feel uncomfortable with.

Conservative TV Characters

TV character


Signs of conservatism

Ian Albert Beale


Ian has been described as ‘Thatcher’s child’. He is obsessed with expanding businesses and making money.

He once moaned about his then fiancée, Melanie Healy, spending a vacation in Brighton, because it was full of ‘lefties’.

Charles Montgomery Burns


Mr. Burns is known to be a fat cat. He is a millionaire, but despite that, gives his employees, including Homer Simpson, low wages. As explored in the episode ‘Sideshow Bob Roberts’, he is a member of the Republican party.

Ned Flanders Simpsons Christian fundamentalist and extremist.

Basil Fawlty

Fawlty Towers

Basil longs to attract upper-class people to visit his hotel and expresses a dislike towards the ‘riff-raff’.

Boss Hogg

Dukes Of Hazzard

Another fat cat who would do anything to get his hands on more money, despite being foiled many times by his lower class foes, Bo and Luke Duke.

Stan Smith

American Dad

Stan idolises Ronald Reagan and George Bush.

Hyacinth Bucket

Keeping Up Appearances

Despite growing from a working-class family, Hyacinth attempts to create a rich atmosphere to her family, her life, etc. She hates how her working class brother-in-law Onslow acts, e.g. naming her husband ‘Dickie’.

The Tattsyryp family

League Of Gentlemen

Both Tubbs and Edward loath all non-locals and treat them as immigrants. Most of them are wiped out as a result. Edward once quotes ‘We don’t like change’.

Phillip Banks

Fresh Prince Of Bel Air

Will’s uncle apparently idolises Ronald Reagan .

Robert Tewilliger aka Sideshow Bob


Sideshow Bob once ran as a conservative mayor of Springfield.

He once referred to himself as a 'lifelong conservative republican'.

Sheila Broflovski

South Park

Sheila once lodged a hate-campaign towards Canada, just because of one of their foul-mouthed films. She once stated on their ‘bleedy little eyes’ which one of the Canadians described as ‘racist’

Nick Cotton


Growing with a highly Christian woman (Dot), Nick was known as a racist bully in the earlier episodes. In one of them, he persuades Mark Fowler to join the New Movement. ‘Object; get rid of all the blacks, jews, p**is, poofs, communists...’

Mike "The Cool Person" Young Ones

In the episode 'Bomb', Mike and the others found an atomic bomb in their house. Mike intended to sell the bomb to Muammar Gaddafi in an attempt to make money.

In 'Oil', Mike and Vyvyan think they've found oil, form a coalition and use the other housemates as digging slaves to which Rik & Neil protest.

Marjorie Dawes Little Britain

Simple. She's fattist, even though she works as a Fat-Fighters professor, and plus she's overweight herself, sparking hypocrisy.

She is also racist; one of the members of FF is Indian and Majorie pretends not to understand what she's saying (even though she speaks English). Sometimes she says some resentable things towards her.

Gene Hunt Life On Mars/Ashes To Ashes Described as politically incorrect, Gene is portrayed as an 'old school' cop. He occasionally makes homophobic remarks.
Terry Raymond EastEnders

Very dedicated to the tradition of men and women, but close to being a sexist.

"Women are designed for bearing children and carrying wood back from the forest. If a woman doesn't agree to that, then the bloke has a right to trade her for another one"

Carter Pewterschmidt Family Guy

A trillionnaire who own several industrial businesses.

Carter despises gay marriage and uses Mexican immigrants to work as gardeners.

Dr Julius Hibbert The Simpsons

Dr Hibbert is a member of the Republican Party as seen in the episode 'Sideshow Bob Roberts'.

In another episode 'A Milhouse Divided', Dr Hibbert owns animal skin coats. "We don't believe fur is murder, but paying for it sure is". This activity is closish to conservatism.

Albert Arkwright Open All Hours

Although he doesn't seem to side with a particular wing in politics, Arkwright's activity is close to conservatism.

He is mainly 'conservative' when it comes to money and money saving; keeping some in his pocket in a gold chain and some in an old oxo tin. He also has a wacky cash machine, which his nephew, Granville, longs to replace. He even gives Granville low salaries.

Sid Pegg Little Britain He is over-protective of his street in case gypsies, even though they're harmless, enter.
Mr. Garisson South Park He is racist, attacks foreigners and tries to build a wall against Canada, even though he is gay and should know what hostility feels like. Later he gets so much attention that he is elected President instead of Donald Trum. His motto is "Fuck, all of them to death".