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Conservative deceit, also known as telling lies, is purposely making false claims - a favorite Conservative tactic. An example of deceit was the Bush administration claiming that Iraq was an imminent threat to our security. Also the former United States Vice President Dick Cheney crafted an "energy" policy by consulting the CEOs of large energy companies such as Enron. Later he refused to disclose what role they had in the administration's blocking attempts to improve automobile mileage, encourage conservation and develop alternate sources of energy.

Conservative deceit is often inextricably intertwined with hypocrisy, for example:

  1. When religious leaders use contributions to the church to support a luxurious lifestyle with expensive houses and automobiles.
  2. When gay Republican politicians who vote for anti-gay legislation engage in gay sex and attempt to cover it up when caught. See Larry Craig and Ted Haggard and many others caught with their pants down.
  3. When conservative Christians try to persuade young people that all atheists are immoral and deceitful ignoring Biblical injunctions not to judge.

Some well-known conservative deceits

Liberal deceit

Sometimes the sillier Conservatives can't even tell when we're joking.

Liberal deceit does not exist and therefore is not practiced by any Liberals[2]. One of the made-up words on Conservapedia. The article on Conservapedia, although fictitious, is quite funny. Only "liberal deceit" that does occur is when liberals betray their base and especially side with conservatives. Liberal deceit is actually just a fancy word for Facts.

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