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Synonymous with "News Corp."

Fox News is an important source of conservative media in North America but there is similar bullshit in other parts of the world. They claim that facts like global warming are "liberal scare tactics" because they do not believe anything that isn't convenient for the Republican party.

Ann Coulter and Bill O'Reilly are (or were) two of the most popular people on Fox News. This alone shows that it the conservative media isn't reliable and too many of its followers act as if they still believe Reagan is alive.

The O'Reilly factor calls itself the "No Spin Zone." Bill O'Reilly fails to realize somehow that every word that comes from his mouth is spun to the right. His ignorance is actually quite remarkable.

Conservapedia is also a tiny part of the Conservative information lies system. Conservapedia is much less important than the megalomaniac Andrew Schlafly imagines.

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