A conspiracy theory is an idea that some secret group of people are doing bad stuff and hiding it all from ordinary people. Many conspiracy theories involve politics.

Reasons for conspiracy theories

  1. Conspiracy theories can exist because someone with psychiatric problems has strange ideas. Alternatively a group of people with psychiatric problems can get together and encourage each other to believe wild ideas.
  2. Conspiracy theories can exist because some enterprising businessman/businesswoman or corporation hopes to make money selling material about imagined conspiracies to the gullible public.
  3. Conspiracy theories often is a coping mechanism for some people who can't accept that life is random and chaotic. Some people want to live in a world of order and structure. Therefore, they construct a comforting world where bad things only happen if the government makes it happens. It gives these people a sense of control over there lives. Some people find it comfortable to believe in a conspiracy, reasoning that if, for example, any one person can kill the President of the United States then nobody is safe.
  4. Finally conspiracy theories can exist because there is a real conspiracy and one or more people are trying to draw public attention to what's happening.

Real and imagined conspiracies

The larger a conspiracy is in a conspiracy theory, the less likely it is that it is true. The more People that need to be involved, the more likely that some people will not join, that someone will spill the beans, and the more likely that people will find out about it.

The more likely a conspiracy is to be beneficial to a group with a large amount of power, such as a corporation, the more likely it is to be true.

The more of a monopoly of information there is- in other words, how much the flow of information is controlled by one or a few powerful sources, the more likely a conspiracy theory is valid.

Sorting out the sensible conspiracy theories from the junk conspiracy theories isn't always easy.

See also

  • Right-Wing Conspiracy Theories for all the nutty conspiracy theories conservatives come up with.
  • New World Order Conspiracies that aren't at all likely
  • Business Plot of 1933 This was a real plot trying to overthrow the elected President and Congress of the United States of America.[1]
  • Titles of Nobility Amendment (TONA) to the US Constitution
  • Iran Contra / October Surprise / Crack Cocaine / etc.[2]
  • The Chennault Affair, once considered a left-wing conspiracy theory, In reality a treasonous Republican plot that helped Nixon win the Presidency[3]
  • Sadaam's WMD's[4]
  • Obamagate/Spygate/Russiagate -A conspiracy theory being promoted by President Trump himself, which is gaining traction among his supporters.
  • Q'anon- Wacky and involved
  • Pizzagate- Wacky and refuses to die
  • Tuskegee Experiment[5]
  • Project MKUltra[6]
  • 1960 election conspiracy[7]
  • Kennedy bootlegging[8]
  • Bay of Pigs Invasion Conspiracy- Another real conspiracy that went wrong.[9][10]
  • 1953 Iranian coup- Acknowledged by US sources in 2013
  • 1973 Chilean coup- More Nixon chicanery, or not


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