Creation Museum is an amusement park a museum owned by Answers in Genesis in Petersburg, Kentucky. The Creation Museum is a travesty created by creationist Ken Ham in order to propound the idea pretend that the earth is only a few thousand years old, and that the Biblical stories of the Garden of Eden and the Flood are not just "history" but "science". It was strategically located so that a large number of Americans live within a day's drive of its appalling magnetic center.

The museum exhibits are of stupidities like how humans and dinosaurs coexisted before the great flood, how Adam rode his pet Dino when world was created in 4004 BCE. The museum is actually a place for lulz like seeing a saddled dino and animatronic figures of the nudists Adam and Eve.

Ark encounters

Ark encounters is another silly amusement park that Ken ham developed. it has a model of Noah's Ark which Creationists insist really existed with stuffed animals and Biblical stuff.

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