Czechoslovakia no longer exists. The country is now two separate nations. While Czechoslovakia existed the country sufferred four decades of oppression after two decades of freedom and democracy between World War I and World War II.

1918-1939: Interwar period

Czechoslovakia was formed after the Austro-Hungarian Empire broke up at the end of World War I and succeeded in staying democratic when many other newly formed European countries became Dictatorships. This lasted until Hitler invaded.

1938-1948: the lost of freedom

After annexation of Sudetenland by Germany in 1938, the region gradually turned into a state with loosened connections among the Czech, Slovak, and Ruthenian parts. A large strip of southern Slovakia and Carpatho-Ukraine was annexed by Hungary, and the Zaolzie region was annexed by Poland in 1939. Nazi Germany invaded Czechoslovakia and split it into the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia and the Slovak Republic. A government-in-exile continued to exist in London, supported by the United Kingdom, United States and its Allies; after German invasion of Russia, it was also recognised by the USSR. Czechoslovakia was part of Declaration by United Nations and was a founding member of United Nations. The country was governed by a coalition government with Communist ministers, with the prime minister and the minister of interior. Carpathian Ruthenia was ceded to the USSR.

1948–1989: communist period

After World War II Czechoslovakia became a Communist dictatorship, Czechoslovak Socialist Republic. There was an unsuccessful attempt to escape totalitarianism in the 1960's but the Soviet Union was too strong for little Czechoslovakia. In the late 1980's and early 1990s Czechoslovakia finally broke free of the USSR together with many other Eastern European nations.

1989-1992: restoring democracy and the dissolution

The people of Czechoslovakia voted democratically to divide into two separate nations in the early 1993: Czech Republic and Slovakia. Both countries are democratic, both are members of the European Union and NATO. Their economies are developing successfully.

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