dKosopedia is a liberal wiki with factual information about politics. It is a wiki project that begin in April of 2004. DKosopedia is an impressive wiki with over 14.000 articles dealing mainly with United States politics.

Europeans and women

The Favicon of DKosopedia shows a man, yes it's definitely male physique, and he’s holding a United States flag. The wiki needs contributors to sort out articles dealing with Europe and dealing with women’s issues. A recently as the 21st of January 2009 it was necessary to point out there that Tony Blair is no longer UK Prime Minister. Here it was also necessary to point that out. Tony Blair lost office in 2007. A recently as 30th of January 2009 it was necessary to start an article about Feminism.

Fun section

Here we're parodying Conservapedia, and we know we're exaggerating.

dKosopedia is the closest thing you can find to truth and has somewhat less of a conservative bias. However it does have a small conservative bias (less than that of rationalwiki, but still present) and it will never be as close to the truth as wonderful Liberapedia.

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