The Daily Mail, also known officially as the Daily Fail, is a "mid market" British Fleet Street newspaper known for its close affinity with Middle England; it has totally unhinged coverage of immigration and its unabashed in targetting of itself as the paper for women who want to demonstrate their suitability as a plaything for a dominant alpha male. It operates under two editorial teams, as two slightly differently marketed products. The Mail on Sunday is published on Sundays and the Daily Mail on the other 6 days of the week. It implicitly thinks were all going to die. [1]

Its most infamous headline was "Hurrah for the Blackshirsts! when covering Oswald Mosely and his Fascists on one of their marches through the most Jewish parts of the East end.


Its principal competitor is The Express a rival right wing midmarket paper and The Sun as a cheaper downmarket substitute for those who want their Xenophobia with a sideserving of soft porn.