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Darrell Trigg is a dangerous man, who announced his running for the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election on the National Day of Prayer (Early May), 2014.

Background and Guidelines

The following would be under effect had Darrell Trigg become the president:

  • Married couples who become pregnant must attend a Christian parenting class (could involve the book To Train Up a Child) (Unconstitutional)
  • He would promote Christianity as the main religion, as well as using the Holy Bible in the government (Unconstitutional)
  • Rating systems for movies and TV shows would be "drastically overhauled"
    • The following content would not be accessible by TV's or computers:
      • Nudity
      • Homosexual content
      • Excessive profanity
      • Blasphemy
  • Homosexuality will be illegal (Unconstitutional)
  • Adulters will be jailed (Unconstitutional)
  • Bible Study will be a required subject in Public Schools (Unconstitutional)
  • Legal drinking age to be increased to 25 years of age
    • Alchohol not to be allowed on university campuses
  • Marijuana will be once again illegal
  • Marriage will be between one male and one female, and nothing else
    • Legal age for marriage will be 22 years of age
  • Couples hoping to get married MUST attend "Christian marriage counseling classes" (Unconstitutional)
  • Divorce will only be allowed in extreme circumstances
  • Abortion to only be allowed in situations where the child has a small chance of surviving


We are not far off from these kinds of rules with Donald Trump, who will probably criminalize same-sex marriage, reverse Roe vs. Wade (abortions), as well as requiring prayer in public schools along with Bible Study (Betsy DeVos).



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