David Bruce Vitter
20160115 235525.jpg
Sen. Vitter
Political party: Republican
Education: Harvard University

Magdalen College, Oxford Tulane University

Religion Roman Catholicism
Born May 3, 1961

David Bruce Vitter is a Republican US Senator from Louisiana.

Vitter is best known for hilariously appearing on the client list of a prominent prostitution ring and deciding to run for re-election anyway. Vitter was accused of a long lasting affair with a prostitute in New Orleans. Early on he tried to say it was all untrue but later he admitted his liking for prostitutes. Vitter said he was very sorry before his wife and before God, [1] we have to take his word for that.

  1. Was Vitter sorry because he got involved with that madam?
  2. Alternatively was Vitter sorry because he got found out?

We don't know the answer to those questions. You guess!

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