Signing of the Declaration of Independence, a group of wealthy landowners establish the world's first whites-only nation.

The United States Declaration of Independence was the document sent to King George III of Great Britain in 1776, declaring independence from the British Empire. Drafted by Thomas Jefferson for the Second Continental Congress, to send it passed unanimously by all delegations from the colonies (except one).

Rights of men

The Declaration also declares (as it is a declaration) that all men have the right to "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness," and that "governments are instituted among men to protect these rights." (Women didn’t get the vote till the early 20th Century and in The South black people couldn't vote till the mid 20th Century Officially black people had the right to vote but racists prevented them exercising that right.) One of the more remarkable aspects to the Declaration is that it was the first time that any colony had broken off of its mother-country. The American Revolution set off more colonial revolts, such as that of Mexico from Spain. It also inspired the French revolution.


John Adams and Benjamin Franklin helped persuade other colonies that it was time for independence, especially after the British attacks on Lexington and Concord, Massachusetts. The votes at the Second Continental Congress in 1776 were:

  1. New Hampshire: yes.
  2. Massachusetts: yes.
  3. Rhode Island: yes.
  4. Connecticut: yes.
  5. New York State abstained.
  6. Pennsylvania: yes.
  7. New Jersey: yes.
  8. Delaware: yes.
  9. Maryland: yes.
  10. South Carolina: yes.
  11. North Carolina: yes.
  12. Georgia: yes.
  13. Virginia: yes.

This was one of the only issues that the Southern states agreed with the Northern back then.