A map of Delaware.

Delaware is the second-smallest U.S. state in area after Rhode Island but is one of the most densely populated, like the Northeastern US as a whole. Delaware is on the Atlantic coast, and classified by the US census bureau as a Mid-Atlantic statez. The South of the State is more agricultural and the North is industrial, Delaware is a leading scientific state in the United States with a high percentage of engineers and patent holders. The capital of Delaware is Dover.

Politics Delaware is now a Blue State [1] and President Joe Biden is from Delaware. In the past Republicans have been influential there, but that has changed. Delaware has only one US Representative in the US House of Representatives, despite having a population twice that of some other representatives in certain states, like Wyoming.

Joe Biden won the state by a 18 point margin, an average performance for a Democrat in the state. That is, however, a significant increase from Clinton's lackluster performance in 2016.


Delaware was one of the thirteen original New England states that decided to become independent from Britain and signed the Declaration of Independence. Delaware was the first state to ratify the Constitution. Before the American Civil War

Delaware was a slave state but most slave owners had voluntarily freed their slaves and during the Civil War Delaware fought on the side of the North against slavery.[2]


According to the US Census Bureau, the state of Delaware's population has increased from 783,600 from 2000 to 973,764 in 2019. The state's largest city is Wilmington, which was the home of Joe Biden.

The state, like neighbouring Maryland, has a large percentage of black population compared to the United States as a whole. Owing in part to this history of slavery, it is considered a Southern state by the Census. However, its culture is similar to the Northeast, especially in the northern, more urban part of the state.

Its rate of irreligiosity is about average, according to the Pew Research Center. The southern part of the state tends to be more agricultural.

Tax Laws

Despite the reputations that other blue states have for taxes, Delaware is tax-friendly. There is no statewide sales tax in Delaware.


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