Democratic Socialism is a term that means different things to different people. Below are three versions.

Many philosophers and political scientists would argue that socialism is about transforming society and is therefore more radical than social democracy.

  • Democratic socialism aiming to replace Capitalism, Has fallen out of favour in much of Europe in the 21st Century , but is a very popular movement in Latin America. As of the early 21st Century this has never worked in practise.
  • In the United States, the presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders has advocated for democratic socialism. Whenever the right wing called [Obama]] a "socialist", that was like fanning the flames that will extinguish their tea party thinking the air blowing will shut the flames down. His movement was gaining ground with Democrats all across the country.

European nations generally have a higher proportion of social expenditure than other western nations, particularly the United States of America. This is because, unlike the United States of America, there is (probably) few or no major political parties/organizations that deny climate change and relatively few that are trying to take away healthcare. The politicians of Europe have a strong tendency to be more open about what they are doing. (Some are openly fascist.) [2].

Forms of democratic socialism

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  1. Wikipedia emphasises that the Polish economy is being liberalised. A citation is needed that Poland is democratic socialist (assuming it is).
  2. Social Democracy, Western Europe & America