Denver, the Last Dinosaur was an educational children's film where children found a dinosaur egg that hatched into a real dinosaur. The children protected Denver the Dinosaur and Denver protected the children. Denver took the children back to dinosaur time to find out about dinosaurs.

Creationists and evolutionists

The series shows humans and a dinosaur co-existing. This appeals to YEC creationists who imagine this happened. An example of this is Dinosaur Adventure Land. It also gives a half logical fictional explanation for the co-existence which satisfies evolutionists since a dinosaur egg hatched very late. When the children go back to dinosaur time they see only dinosaurs and no other humans except themselves which will satisfy evolutionists. Therefore Denver, the Last Dinosaur can be popular with parent from both sides of the evolution versus creation debate.

It got a recommendation from the United States National Education Union under the direct guidance of George W. Bush.

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