Dinosaurs lived in the Mesozoic Era. They first appeared at least as far back as 230 Million years ago. Many of them were some of the largest creatures to ever inhabit Planet Earth. Really big dinosaurs evolved more than 100 Million years ago. The Cretacious-Tertary extinction event, which took place 65 million years ago, wiped out most of the dinosaur species, leaving only Birds to survive. [1]. [2]. After that, Mammals evolved to become the dominant land animals. Some people believe non-avians dinosaurs may still exist. Wether or not that's true is up for debate.

Dinosaurs today

Today 7 continents have living dinosaurs (Birds), but global warming threatens penguins. [3].

Few people would dispute the fact that they have seen a bird at at least one point in their lives, and there are plenty of paintings of them too [4]. Some people believe birds are dinosaurs.

Humans evolved during the last 3 million to 9 million years. Humans and large dinosaurs did not live at the same time.

Young Earth Creationism

Dinosaurs are not only in the Bible, but the have lived with man all through his six thousand year history. (Kent Hovind)[5]

An undersized sauropod used in an image to basically make fun of the belief the dinosaurs and man lived together at one point.

Young Earth Creationist Idiots think that dinosaurs lived at the same time as Humans but Science disproves that.

Some Christians don't even believe dinosaurs existed. Other Christians believe Satan put dinosaur bones within the Earth.

Conservapedia believes that they exist also, claiming that there has been sightings and paintings. [6]. For a large, cumbersome, inefficient dinosaur, see Conservapedia.

Both Democrats and Republicans are far more intelligent than the simple-minded sauropods. The battle Rich Republicans and other rich people worldwide wage to keep the bulk of the World's assets for themselves is done very Intelligently and harmfully. Liberals try to combat this.