Stephen Donald Black
20151017 222950.jpg
Mr. Black
Political Party: American Nazi
Education: University of Alabama
Known for Stormfront
Born July 28, 1953

On April 27, 1981, Black and nine other White supremacists were arrested as they prepared to board a yacht stocked with weapons and ammunition to invade the Caribbean island of Dominica and take over its government. Black served three years in federal prison for his role in the invasion plot and for his violation of the Neutrality Act. In 1987, Black, along with Klan leader David Duke, was reportedly charged with reckless conduct and for illegally blocking a state highway in Forsyth County, Ga., where they had traveled to take advantage of simmering racial tensions. [1] [2]

Don Black is a racist hatemonger and a Nazi. He misrepresents other races pretending they are bad when they aren't. He plotted to overthrow a neutral government and went to Prison but that's just one of the many bad things Black did. [3]

Don Black is behind the Nazi website, Stormfront.


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  3. Don Black: White Pride World Wide This page has a great deal about the hateful material that Don Black spews.