21 family members with idiotic parents

The Duggar family are the very conservative family who are known for their show on TLC (The Learning Channel) that exploits the 19 children of Jim Bob who was in the Arkansas House of Representatives from 1999-2002 and ran for the U.S. Senate in the same state and Michelle Duggar who endorse the Quiverfull movement, which means they will welcome any more children into their family even if it kills Michelle.


The Duggar family's current reality show, now known as "19 Kids and Counting", first started on September 29, 2008 as "17 Kids and Counting" on TLC even though it's right-wing nonsense that still runs for the money. The Duggars are soo conservative, as you'd expect they're very fundamentalist when it comes to their beliefs such as opposing birth control going beyond their anti-choice stance. They only watch conservative Christian-based movies and shows, have very limited Internet use, and the children are homeschooled with the works such as Institute in Basic Life Principles and the Accelerated Christian Education. Josh Duggar (father) regularly followed the book To Train Up a Child by Michael & Debi Pearl, and Michelle practices "blanket training" on infants and toddlers [1]. They have also appeared at the Values Voter Summit such as the 2010 one where Michelle whined about her miscarriage that she claims was caused by contraceptives.

Josh Duggar

The series ended when one of the boys, Josh Duggar was accused of forceably fondeling several of his younger sisters and another Girl. Josh was underage at the time as were the girls. [1] As an adult Josh Duggar was in trouble when a woman, not his wife accused him of rough sex, Josh Duggar was married to someone else at the time. Josh Duggar was outed using Ashey Madison, a Web site that helped married people cheat on their spouses. [2] In 2021 Josh Duggar was arrested for possessing child pornography. As of writing the case has not come to trial yet. [3]


The Duggers are lucky to be rich but the majority of Quiverful families are in poverty with overworked mothers and older daughters pressed into work to help mothers.

(...) Quiverfull families living in what most would consider to be poverty ... Mothers are in a constant cycle, often, of pregnancy, breastfeeding, and the care of toddlers." Women are expected to feed and care for a large family on what are frequently limited resources, and the strain leads some to suffer clinical levels of exhaustion and self-neglect. The work that mothers can't manage usually falls to their eldest daughters, who learn early that their role in life is domestic, as helpmeets to their parents and later their husbands, and as mothers to many children. [1]

For most Quiverful means bad quality of life.



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