A dysphemism is a word or phrase used to imply that something harmless or good is bad or harmful.

Conservatives may call a civil libertarian a Social Justice Warrior, or call civil equality Political Correctness, or family planning advocates baby killers.

Alternative Conservative Infotainment have become increasingly adept at creating dysphemisms and instilling negative connotations to them.

Exmples of dysphemisms

  • Social Justice Warrior, SJW- Civil Libertarian, especially if female
  • Political Correctness, PC- Reflecting Civic Inclusiveness, Equality, Multiculturalism
  • Baby Killer, Pro-Abortion- An advocate or practitioner of female reproductive self-determination
  • Feminazi- Feminist, an advocate of equal rights/responsibilities/protection of females
  • Critical Race Theory, CRT- A form of social and Legal analysis of the persistent effects of race based policy on modern society
  • Tree Hugger- Environmentalist
  • Anti-White- A supporter of racial equality
  • Death Tax- Estate tax
  • Anti-Man- A supporter of gender equality
  • Bleeding Heart- Liberal
  • Illegal Immigrant- Undocumented immigrant, refugee, or asylum seeker
  • Looters and Rioters- Civil Rights Demonstration
  • Looney Lib- Liberal (archaic)
  • Libtard- Liberal (modern)
  • Hysteria- An emotional reaction (so old we may not even realize it's sexist origins. Hmm...Does that make Mania a euphemism, since it originated in a Paternalistic society and has Man in it?)
  • Elites- Originally Academic Elites. In response to criticism of the free-speech impact of actual social and financial elites on liberal democracies. Increasingly, liberal financial or social elites are included in this group. There may also be a WASP, or increasingly an Anti-Semitic bias in it's application (George Soros)
  • Demoncrat- Democrat
  • Socialist- In American politics, anyone to the left of Laissez-faire Liberalism.
  • Trump Derangement Syndrome TDS- Belief in the main-stream media reporting on Donald Trump
  • Liberal Media, Lamestream Media- Mainstream Corporate News Media
  • Witch Hunt- Any investigation into the illegal or unethical dealings of President Trump, his Administration, the Republican Party, or his family.
  • Big Government- Effective Government
  • Deep State- Government acting in accordance with law
  • Domestic Terrorist- Civil Rights Demonstrator, Media covering Civil Rights Demonstrations, or citizens protecting Civil Rights Demonstrators from Vigilantism or Police Reprisal
  • Racism- To extreme conservatives anti-racism is racist. Can't fix it because thinking about it is racist, or something like that.
  • Woke- Aware, enlightened, empathetic

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