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Earth is the third planet from the sun. The earth is 4,600,000,000 years old as is the rest of the Solar System and has has a large Moon. The earth is a weird object because it is the only planet that is confirmed to have life in the Solar System, in the Galaxy, in the Universe. There is possible evidence for elementary life forms (extinct or contemporary) on other planets and moons. There may be life elementary life or advanced life on Exoplanets as well.

The magnetic field reverses chaotically, not to worry as our ancestors lived through many. This is why it's decreasing currently, it's going through a reversal now.

Facts about Earth

Here are the statistics of Earth.

  • Radius (volumetric mean) = 6371.0 km
    • Equatorial = 6378.1 km
    • Polar = 6356.8 km
    • Crust depth = 25 km (varies)
    • Mantle thickness = 2860 km
    • Core = 3480 km
  • Mass = 5.9736E24 kg
    • Atmosphere = 5.1E18 kg
    • Hydrosphere = 1.4E21 kg
    • Crust = 3.4E22 kg
    • Mantle = 4.0E24 kg
    • Core = 1.9E24 kg
  • Distance from the Sun = 1.4960E11 m
  • Distance from the Moon = 3.8440E8 m
  • Escape velocity = 11.186 km/s
  • Bond albedo = 0.306
  • Surface temperature = 288 K
  • Gravitational binding energy = 2.5E32 J
  • Moment of inertia = 8.02E37 kg m²
  • Density = 5514.8 kg/m³
    • Atmosphere (surface) = 1.217 kg/m³
    • Crust = 2700 kg/m³
    • Mantle = 4500 kg/m³
    • Core = 1.1E4 kg/m³

As Christian fundamentalists see it

Christian fundamentalists say the Christian God formed Earth at the same time as plants and Animals, in 6 days (Because everything else has the same time lapse as Earth). The Flat earth society disputes that the Earth is a planet. This is because they lack brains and common sense, like conservatives. If Christians believe the Bible they must believe that the earth is flat. [1] Other conservatives realise the earth is round but imagine The earth stays still and everything else goes round the earth.

Destroying the earth

Keep in mind that because Humanity isn't doing enough to save Earth from pollution, Nuclear war, and Overpopulation, Earth may not sustain humanity for long.

The shocking truth is that climate change has only just begun. Regardless of future emission trends, the CO2 footprint from our brief passage on Earth is going to remain in the climate system and impact the well-being of all terrestrial life forms for what could almost be considered an eternity. [2]

Neocons and corporations who pollute the Environment are trying to make a profit and may destroy Earth. The Earth belongs to The whole of Humanity including future generations but Rich Conservatives like to treat the Earth as if it were their personal property to pollute.

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