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Economic Left vs. Right By State

The Economy refers to all the economic activity that people do. Does that definition help? No.


Well the economy refers to all the different things that people do to produce goods and services. What are goods and services? Goods and services are what improve economic well being. Economics is also about the allocation of scarce resources. It's hard to define economics but we know what it is when we see it.

The economy is classified into three different sectors: Agriculture, Industry, and Services.


Economics deals with all of the money in a city, society, country or whatever, and how it moves around. Generally speaking, 98% is in the hands of rich Republicans and other Conservatives, and is used to manipulate everyone else into falling in line with their agenda. Is that really true? Well it seems that way.

Well it's not quite as bad as that. Conservative money couldn't stop Obama getting in. What will happen with Romoney?

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