Ed Miliband

Ed Miliband is a British Democratic Socialist politician and now leader of the Labour Party. Ed beat his brother in the campaign for the Labour leadership and has protested the Cameron government's spending cuts as leader of the opposition. Ed has stressed the need for Labour to return to its former Socialist roots [citation needed] and is was a critic of the New Labour agenda.

Ed Miliband, like any politician, says he wants to fight inequalities as the quotes below shows:-

"It's about values and fairness and about the kind of society you believe in and it's important to me." [1]

Ed Miliband is further quoted saying:-

"Here's the paradox of Britain today," he says. "Is Britain materially better off than it was 20 to 30 years ago? Yes, absolutely it is. But for some people the gap between the dreams that seem to be on offer and their ability to realise them is wider than it's ever been before, and it seems much more of a struggle and that's what interests me. How do you close that gap between the dreams that are apparently on offer and people's ability to realise them? And I think the [coalition] are widening that gap"[2]

Ed Miliband thinks the coalition government with the Lib Dems supporting the Conservative Party is a sham and is really a conservative government. He's left right correct.

"These are decisions of a Conservative-led government propped up by Liberal Democrat passengers. Passengers not in the front seat, not even in the back seat of the car, passengers who have got themselves locked in the boot," [3]

Ed Miliband plans to transform the Labour Party really radically.

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