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"Of all the souls I have met in my travels, his was the most Egyptian"- Winston Churchill on the mummy of Egyptian King Tuthankamen

Pyramids, Camels, Sand, and Arabs! Of course there are also Muslims. There's the Nile river, there are Crocodiles by the Nile and there are Terrorists who sometimes attack tourists.

Most of Egypt is desert as the country is in the Sahara but where the Nile is there's water, agriculture and life. The population is rising fast, Mulsims generally oppose Birth control and this puts strain on the limited agricultural resources.

Recent history

Egypt endured wars with Israel, losing the Sinai Peninsula during the 6 day war, since then Egypt made peace with Israel, Sinai was returned to Egypt and Egypt is now considered a relatively peaceful Arab nation.

How can you go wrong?

How can you go wrong? One way you can go wrong is to cast doubt on the Koran. Criticising the Koran is considered irresponsible and endangers national unity. [1] Of course Egypt is nowhere near as extreme as Iran.[2]

Egyptian Gods

The Egyptians Worshipped many gods in ancient times.

Such gods include Ra, Horus, Anubis, and Osiris.

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