Encyclopædia Britannica is a miniature version of Wikipedia.


It is completely lacking in up-to-date information on school shootings or Paris Hilton's sex life. It also requires the killing of trees, since it is published as a series of "books", where the words you would expect to see on your computer screen are tediously laid out on sheets of "paper". Because it is not a wiki, you can't have a user account there, and it is also devoid of kewl userboxen. It is also completely lacking in hyperlinks, so you are stuck on the same page for way too long.

Use on Wikipedia

The out-of-copyright 1911 edition of Britannica was used to "kickstart" Wikipedia. This was deceptive and totally unacceptable, of course, and Conservapedia's guidelines specifically prohibit this behavior.[1] Thus, it is entirely different from using government-published glossaries and biographies to kickstart fill Conservapedia with pathetic stubs. [2]

Despite its name and the fact that it was created in Edinburgh, Encyclopædia Britannica is now US owned.

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  1. Also known as "using facts".
  2. There may or may not be an issue with using material where the Copyright has lapsed. There certainly is an issue with Conpedia doing something similar to what it condemns in Wikipedia. There's a name for that And it's not nice.