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Environmentalism is a liberal outlook relating to the idea that maybe we shouldn't completely destroy all life on earth, including ourselves. Rich Conservatives aren't truly against the environment, they just care about it, as long as they have all the money they can get their corrupt hands on. One of the best examples for this are the oil companies. President Barack Obama has stopped some of the over-growth of the oil well big businesses, but considering the entire Republican Party wants him out of office, the plan has not succeeded.


Intelligent and aware liberals (AKA all liberals) know one planet is all we have so we should save it from its destruction. Pollution is on the rise and, since the 1960s, environmentalism has been a growing movement.  The book Silent Spring by Rachel Carson and the accident at Three Mile Island helped environmentalism gain followers.  The United States Environmental Protection Agency was founded in 1970 to do something about problems with the environment.

President Ronald Reagan refused to believe in global warming and allowed lumber companies to carry out deforestation national parks.  Reagan slashed the budget of the EPA and ignored Canadian requests to stop Acid rain.

Had Al Gore won the 2000 Presidential Election, the world would be caring better for the environment, but George W. Bush won even though Al Gore had more votes. Thank you Jeb Bush, thank you Electoral College.

Conservative hypocrisy about the environment

Republicans of the Religious Right like to say that they are for God and the Bible but they depend of rich businesses for donations. That means whenever it's profitable for rich businesses to disregard what the Bible says they pretend they haven't read that part.

Conservatives say environmentalism is a liberal idea - as such, they consider it bad. However, the Bible claims that nature as one of God's great creations. As such, conservatives think that supporting God's creation is a waste of resources, that's typical Conservative hypocrisy.

The environment

It is all around us, it's pretty much everything.

The following people hate the environment for reasons even they fail to understand. Rather they don't hate it, they just care more about the money they can make destroying the environment.

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