Eurasia is the combined land mass of the continents Europe and Asia.

Human geography

Traditionally Europe and Asia are seen as different continents, despite a short land border on the Caucasus mountains and a very long one in the Urals. This is because from the perspective of Europe (particularly the Mediterranean) where western civilisation arose and Asia where Eastern civilisation has started, Europe and Asia do seem two separate continents which don't quite touch at either the Bosphorus or the Hellespont. Geographers now know that Europe is only a continent by courtesy and tradition, but as Asia is far and away the largest continent it is often considered convenient to pretend that Europe is a separate continent.


An alternative way to consider it would be in terms of plate tectonics, but that doesn't neatly divide the two either as on that basis the Indian subcontinent, China, the Middle East and South East Asia would all be continents. India is tectonically separate from Asia or from the rest of Asia and the stresses as India collides with Asia have caused the Himalayas to rise so that mountain range has the highest mountains of the world.

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