Facing the Giants is a Christian movie and rather biased. The film was written and directed by a couple pastors but even the average pastor could come up with a better plot.

If you were always bothered by the way your Great Aunt Mary Sue used to bring God into everything even when you were talking about secular things you shouldn't watch this because every character does that.

Plot Summary

It could be God changing Grant's life or it could just be Dumbledore playing tricks. Who knows?

Nothing is going well for Grant Taylor, the football coach of a high school called Shiloh Christian Academy.  The team always loses, his car is broken and he can't afford a new one, and he and his wife are having trouble conceiving a child.

Grant is down in the dumps because he's about to be fired, but is visited by a guy who walks around the school randomly blessing people's lockers (be glad you went to public school or state school).  The guy quotes a couple Bible passages and Grant decides to reboot his team to be all about Jesus so that they praise God no matter what.

Poof!  The Sky Wizard flies down from Heaven! Suddenly, the team wins all their games! Suddenly, nobody wants to fire Grant anymore! The players even buy him a new car!

Grant even helps a member of the team who doesn't like his dad. He drives the kid to his dad's work where the kid, following Grant's encouragement, submits to his authority after doubting and then coming to accept Jesus. (In their heads, they had it at a public school where the ACLU and a couple non-Christians sued the school for all the religion. Then, of course God made them win! Then they decided it was too hectic to film). It doesn't matter if your dad is a Neo-Nazi who tells you to kill non-WASPS. You should still obey him. Besides, obeying your parents is like obeying your pastors and then the church gets more donations.

The team goes to the play-offs. They lose in the first game.

Poof! The other team was cheating. Time for the state championship.

Meanwhile, another pregnancy test for Grant's wife is negative.

Poof! Actually, it's positive.

Poof! Poof! They win the state championships.

Now everybody loves Jesus.