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Fair Trade helps reduce Poverty in Developing nations. It is a type of trade that builds a long time partnership between producers in developing regions of the world and consumers in the north. Fair Trade guarantees lots of things including the following below.


Producers receive a minimum set price for their goods, financial and technical support, healthy and safe working conditions, Economic development of their communities, and Educational opportunities for their children.

Consumers receive excellent products plus the peace of mind that comes with knowing they are actively addressing poverty, preserving the environment, and promoting an end to child labor.

The planet receives a chance at health and healing since Fair Trade actively promotes sustainable farming techniques, biodiversity, also Bird and Animal habitat preservation.


There has been some criticism on fair trade. Also, there has been little attempts to respond to the issues raised, and the information requested by critics has not been forthcoming.

Ethical basis of Criticism

Consumers are willing to pay more for fair trade products, thinking that it will help the poor. However, critics of fair trade say that the money is taken from the very poor farmers, and given to rich businesses.