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Family values at its best can mean a family sticking together and looking after each other without destroying the independence of individual family members. Well functioning families are a very good thing. Among Conservatives family values is a Dog Whistle meaning only conservative values, see below.

Conservative family values

Family values are not a bad thing by itself, but Conservatives interpret it in a different way from anyone else. Among Conservatives family values can mean the parents excessively controlling the children or the wife/mother being expected to obey her husband, or overuse of punishment to keep low ranking family members in line. Family values can mean parents deciding on Christian fundamentalist type Homeschooling with the harm that it brings. Divorce is discouraged, thus forcing dysfunctional families to stay together.

The Conservative definition of family values also includes defining any sort of sexual deviation as immoral.

Conservative hypocrisy

Among Conservatives family values means Republican politicians, Fundamentalist Christian pastors and others talking self-righteously about family. Then from time to time a married Conservative is caught with his trousers down after he endangered his own family by doing something with a person he isn’t married to. Ir can be a lady, gentleman, rent boy, decent ordinary boy who didn't like him.

Do you know of any prominent Republicans, people from the Religious right who were caught being hypocritical and aren’t in our Sexual hypocrisy section yet? Please tell us or start an article. We need proof about the sex and also about lies or other hypocrisy.

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