Far Right, Extreme Right, Reactionary Right, Radical Right are all terms used to describe political beliefs which are further right wing than the mainstream Republican Party, traditional Conservatism on the political spectrum. Like the Far Left, the Far right is all too often undemocratic, totalitarian and Dictatorial.

The most common ideologies associated with the extreme right are Nazism, Fascism Nationalism, and Racism. People who vote for the extreme right either have one of several excuses;

  1. Their country has gone through severe social/economic hardships.
  1. They're literally terrible human beings who, instead of facing up to their own shortcomings and problems, decide to divert the blame to people who aren't like themselves.
  1. They were physically/mentally assaulted by their parents in their childhood.

James Edwards is a far-right political activist who runs a far-right radio show called "The Political Cesspool."

Conservapedia is further to the right than most Republicans but isn't quite as right-wing as the Fascists and Nazis.

Examples of Far-Right Lunatics

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