Examples of Fast Food industries.

The Fast food industry supplies food that is quick to prepare and eat. Some fast food is healthy but typically fast food like burgers are made to taste good with little concern about the effect on the health of the People who eat it. Fast food frequently contains too much unhealthy saturated fat, salt, sugar, and other additives. Too much fast food causes obesity.

Fast food may be bought in shops and supermarkets or sold ready cooked. McDonald's has a reputation for supplying fast food of questionable health value. Subway has a reputation for being less unhealthy than other fast food outlets, but we're not sure how far that's true. [1] It's best to limit how much you eat of all fast foods.


Fast food is popular because it doesn't cost consumers much, but it costs other things a lot, like the environment and people.  People who work at fast-food restaurants are often under-trained and paid minimum wages.  They used to be Teenagers, but now they're often in their twenties with families to raise.  The Meat they sell at fast food restaurants is slaughtered by undocumented workers who are paid poorly and not protected enough for their dangerous job.[2].

In response to workers going on strike because of low wages, McDonald's launched an initiative to get workers to keep budget journals, essentially blaming the fact that the workers are poor on their "bad" money skills.   A sample budget recommended that workers take on a second job and spend no money on heating.   

Considering that their executives make seven figure salaries, McDonald's could afford increasing wages and working conditions. 

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