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Fiction is usually defined as the class of literature that involves imaginary and untrue stories. Many works of fiction include fantastical accounts of monsters, unicorns, or other imaginary creatures. Sound familiar?


Fiction is mostly used for entertainment purposes. People in general enjoy reading fictional books, watching fictional movies, and playing fictional games. Fiction can also be a form of artistic expression, through the use of symbolic characters, things, or situations. This is common in literature and theater. Forms of fiction include realistic fiction (it could happen in real life but it didn't), embellished stories based on actual events, and fantastical fiction (monsters, unicorns, imaginary creatures), .

Confusing fiction with fact

Strangely, some works of the latter (the crazy one) have gathered followings of people who actually believe them. When asked why, the answers these people give tend to be esoteric and long winded. Almost all of these answers can be boiled down to this statement: "I don't know how reality works, so I choose to beleive this". This is harmless, except when:

  1. People use works of fiction as evidence for bigoted/unjustified claims
  2. People use works of fiction to garner support from impressionable people
  3. People try to teach works of fiction as fact, thus holding back the progress of actual fact
  4. People kill each other over them (This actually happens. Can you believe that?)

These things often happen in some combination with each other. One tactic that is popular with conservative politicians in the United States is to do #2 by doing #1, so that they can do #s 3 or 4, or both. A common tactic among evangelicals in the United States is to do #2, to get money, and advocate #s 1, 3 and 4, also for money.

Reason for confusion

Why people belive fictional books is still unknown. Probably because they've been around since when no one knew anything, and these people didn't bother to look at all the new knowledge humanity has, whether because they are lazy, or because it never occurred to them. Another possibility is that they are influenced by extremely persuasive people who really like $$$$$.


Many of such people base their moral standards on these works of fiction, and teach them to their children. Scary, huh?

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