First World Countries refers to countries that are high on the HDI (Human Development Index), have decent to exemplary healthcare, and are the most technologically-advanced. First World formerly referred to countries that were part of NATO, plus countries such as South Korea, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa. Geographically, First World Countries are located in North America, Europe (Southern, Northern, and Western), Scandinavia, parts of East Asia and parts of Oceania. Israel is also classified as part of the first world, and some even classify the Middle Eastern countries of Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, and Kuwait as such because they are highly-developed. Economically, most of the "First World Countries" are Capitalist, Socially Liberal, or Socially-Democratic (Reference shown in the "External Links" section). Many of these nations also have secular governments, most notably in Europe.

Unfortunately, many "First World Countries" have problems with obesity mostly caused by the exporting of fast food companies stemming from the United States. This has also caused some countries of the Third World such as Mexico, United Arab Emirates** and Nauru to have high rates of obesity.

**It is debatable as to how developed the UAE is. Some may consider it First World.

First World Problems

Some first world problems are relatively minor or trivial problems people in the developed world may face that are slim in comparison to issues possibly affecting people in less-developed societies. For example, if there isn't a McDonald's at your local mall's food court, your coffee isn't warm enough, or if the Internet is running slow.

Other first world problems are serious. For example, poor people not getting enough to eat because food stamps have been cut or sick United States citizens not getting the healthcare they desperately need because the USA doesn't have Universal Health Care.

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