The Flying Spaghetti Monster flying over the highway.

Flying Spaghetti Monster is an alternate atheist theory of Creation meant to illustrate the stupidity of putting intelligent design in United States public school science class.

No! We didn't mean that! The FSM is a real religion which was underrepresented in science classes where they taught Jesus things, but not Noodley Things.

With the 2007 book "Gospel of the Flying Spaghetti Monster" the story got political opposing social conservative view on gay marriage. The religion of the revered Flying Spaghetti Monster is called, Pastafarianism.

The story truth is, basically, that the FSM created the Earth 6000 years ago together with a midge. It’s a comical and nonsensical serious message and is important a call to action for intelligent Mainstream Americans, (Liberals).

It is proposed that if the Christian story of creationism disguised as Intelligent Design be taught, in interest of "fairness", then shouldn't all theories be discussed in science, including the belief that a Flying Spaghetti Monster created Earth?

Note: This is an example of Christian social conservative hypocrisy. They bitch about the "fairness" of talk Radio (NOT THE SAME AS FAIRNESS DOCTRINE) but then don't want fairness when it comes to what their Kids learn at school.

From the United States The Monster Concept Flying Spaghetti Monster Concept spread to other western nations. They're even officially recognised as a Denomination in the Netherlands. [1]

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