Franklin Pierce
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Mr. Pierce
Political party: Democratic Party
Alma mater: Bowdoin College

Northampton Law School

Religion Episcopalian
Born November 23, 1804
Died October 8, 1869 (aged 64)

Franklin Pierce became President of the United States at a difficult time when the supporters of Slavery and the abolitionists were opposing each other very hard and couldn’t easily compromise. Perhaps misguidedly Franklin Pierce encouraged the United States to expand to the West. The opponents of slavery fought to get new areas to be Free states while the supporters of slavery fought to make the new areas into Slave states and there was violence in Kansas. The trouble was patched up by the end of the four year Pierce presidency but the United States was that much closer to the full Civil War a decade later. Franklin Pierce himself supported the odious system of slavery, he was a Democrat at the time when Democrats were Conservatives. [1] [2]

Pros & Cons




  • Hastened the coming Civil War by appeasing the Southern States
  • Repealed the Missouri Compromise with the Kansas-Nebraska Act
  • Emotionally unstable alcoholic
  • Vocally supported slavery
  • Was arrested (as President) for accidentally running over a woman with his horse!