Very many, possibly most liberals have some religious faith, and there are Conservative atheists. We're liberal Freethinkers on this website, and we like getting together with others who agree with us.

"A rational person does not choose belief or disbelief; he or she chooses to apply reason to the question of the existence of gods, and if disbelief is the result, then so be it."- [1]

Freethought is about thinking rationally for yourself and not letting the religious fundamentalists deceive you. It also means to not blindly follow liberalism. However, it is our belief that when people use freethought, they will often come to the conclusion that liberalism is superior to conservatism and other political systems. Why are so many Liberal nations happy?

Science and logic

Freethinkers think science is cool and like to think logically. Freethinkers believe that the scientific method as well as human reason are the best ways to find the truth. Most freethinkers are atheists, agnostics and humanists because that's the rational way to think, although freethinkers can come from any faith so long as their faith doesn't dilute their way of thinking. Freethinkers challenge the norm and themselves, not just who they think are the "mindless masses of sheep". Those who believe religious lies have to go through mental contortions and torment themselves with guilt everytime some fact or some logical argument turns up that challenges their faith. Freethinkers are spared all this. [2] [3] [4]


  1. The Freethought Zone Science and Reason Over Religion and Superstition
  2. Is it really freethinking?
    The above is called freethinking though in practise the scientific method can be a hard discipline. It requires you to follow the evidence and look for the truth, the truth isn't always what you want to believe. People who call themselves freethinkers don't really think freely, they try to think rationally and scientifically.
  3. Do freethinkers always get to the truth?
    The scientific method doesn't always provide an answer, sometimes the answer is that we don't know enough. Also freethinkers are human beings with human failings and can't always avoid bias. Freethinkers get to the truth more often than dogmatic believers.
  4. Science has shown that all human beings sometimes follow the crowd and don't think for themselves. Freethinkers can't avoid this because we're human beings but we can reduce the problem.

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