Somebody put some really cool edits into the Libertarianism article but we fear Libertarians like sillier Conservatives can’t always tell when we’re joking.

Does Libertarianism give real freedom?

Libertarianism give people freedom in consensual sex and relationships (condoms may be used to prevent the conception of the antichrist), it also gives freedom to use self destructive drugs and the like. Due to this belief, Libertarians are stoned 76% of the time. The rest of the time, they just don't make sense for the fun of it. In fact two famous libertarians, Penn and Teller have advocated legalizing prostitution (mainly because they can't get a girlfriend), illegal drugs, gay marriage and polyamory and they have advocating abolishing the FCC. Libertarians would also like to extend voting priviledges to penguins and Tibetan foxes as well as freeing the chicken. . Libertarianism gives freedom in areas that don’t challenge corporate power and the power of the rich generally.

Pitbulls of Libertarianism

Firstly, libertarians are NOT NORMAL. They are possibibly aliens from other planets (but they oppose science which doesn't make sense considering their love for microwave stem cell cuisine). Libertarians tend to be supporters of unchecked corporate power, depending on just how deep into it they are. That means bosses should be able to force whatever they like onto their workers and those who buy their products. If workers are too weak to fight back against a bullying boss that's just too bad.

Libertarian Logic