"Only the Left wing can save America now..."


"The right wing is Good For America., and there ain't no lyin' there, lord no..."

Some Wonderful Politicians

"Fox News is too Freaking Democratic; we don't need more of our side to be so Liberal."

A good republican helping a girl in poverty.

Good People

"The only good people in America is deez here Senators."

NeoConservative Filth

The senate is a group of politicians in American government. Under Dubya, the organization was led by bypass-junky Dick Cheney. And everyone hates Dick Cheney. Their constant job was to mislead the public into thinking that they were doing a good job as positive people; this is only true when the left leads congress, little boys and girls! (Because the left is different from the right, conservatives!) This primarily right wing part of American government attempted to display good messages about the right wing, and how they imagined they were creating a better America; that is, until the press finally got out the correct word of what they really were.