A Fundie School is the name given for any strict and Fundamentalist college or university in the United States. These institutions care more about students following their rules and interpretations of the Bible than their well-being. According to RationalWiki, many are located in the Bible Belt. However, as shown in the list below, they are located all over the country. Many are associated with the Evangelical Christian or Independent Baptist denominations, and many are part of the National Christian Collegiate Athletic Association (NCCAA) for sports. Catholic universities have rules, but nowhere near the extent of these "Fundie Schools".


Fundie Schools have outrageous rules (some not even based on the Bible, therefore made up by the staff). These include: no music other than "Christian Music", no dancing, compulsory Church/Convocation attendance, no movie theatre attendance, etc. Many of the "Fundie School" handbooks place important emphases on why they are homophobic. Rules (not accreditation status) are the #1 key in determining whether or not a college qualifies as a "fundie school".

Rating System

A rating system was put in place to show how strict these Fundie Schools are. This system is modeled after the Schmidt Sting Pain Index (which also uses a "1.0-4.0 scale"). The ratings are as follows:

Level 1.0: (Not too strict), but rules are still put in place. Mostly these rules include no alcohol, no pornography and class attendance guidelines. Colleges earning a classification of "1.0-1.75" should not be included in the "List of Fundie Schools" below (for maintenance reasons).

Level 2.0: (Moderately Strict) Rules implemented by "Level 1.0" schools plus a few more guidelines, such as a midnight curfew, mandatory convocation and tight dress codes

Level 3.0: (Very Strict) Along with rules from "Levels 1.0" and "2.0", fines and/or demerits are also assessed. Other rules are put in place such as no dancing, no R-Rated movies, earlier curfews, and stricter dress codes.  

Level 4.0

(Ultra-Christian Sharia-Strict) Level 4.0 is classified into two different sections

Level 4.0-L (Low 4.0) These schools have Orwellian atmospheres, weird rules and more required events. Many of these places also implement "campusing" meaning one is confined to their room or the campus for certain infractions. Most, if not all, of these schools believe in Young Earth Creationism.

Level 4.0-H (High 4.0) These schools are the "worst of the worst". To sane people, attending these places is more of a punishment than an educational experience. All of the policies listed in the "Low 4.0" category apply and more. Many of these places require students to "sign out" whenever leaving campus for any reason, and some require students to get permission from the Dean in order to "date". Some even require parental permission to date. Women at these universities can be expelled for being a victim of rape.

List of Fundie Schools

Links to Student Handbooks are below in the "References" section.

Level 2 Category

Name Location Affiliation Level
Mid-America Christian University Oklahoma City, OK Wesleyan 2.25
Wyoming Catholic College Lander, WY RC 2.25
Loma Linda University Loma Linda, CA 7DA 2.5
Olivet Nazarene University Bourbonnais, IL Nazarene 2.5
Oral Roberts University Tulsa, OK Inter-Denom 2.5
Asbury University Wilmore, KY Non-Denom 2.75
Barclay College Havilland, KS Quaker 2.75
Biola University La Miranda, CA Evangelist 2.75
B.M.A Theological Seminary Jacksonville, TX Baptist 2.75
Clarks Summit University Clarks Summit, PA Non-Denom 2.75
College of the Ozarks Point Lookout, MO Presbyterian 2.75
Faulkner University Montgomery, AL CoC 2.75
Montreat College Montreat, NC Inter-Denom 2.75
San Diego Christian College Santee, CA Evangelist 2.75
Vanguard University Costa Mesa, CA Pentecostal 2.75
Wheaton College Wheaton, IL Evangelist 2.75

Level 3 Category

Name Location Affiliation Level
Boise Bible College Boise, ID CoC 3.0
Brigham Young University Provo, UT LDS 3.0*
Bryan College Dayton, TN Non-Denom 3.0
California Grad Theology Garden Grove, CA Inter-Denom 3.0
Columbia International University Columbia, SC Multi-Denom 3.0
Crown College (Minnesota) St. Bonafacius, MN Evangelist 3.0
Immanuel Lutheran College Eau Claire, WI Lutheran 3.0
Kentucky Christian University Grayson, KY CoC 3.0
Mid-Atlantic Christian University Elizabeth City, NC CoC 3.0
Moody Bible Institute Chicago, IL Evangelist 3.0
New Hope Christian College Eugene, OR Bible College 3.0
Oak Hills Christian College Bemidji, MN Non-Denom 3.0
Patrick Henry College Purcellville, VA Evangelist 3.0
Rosedale Bible College Irwin, OH Evangelist 3.0
Cedarville University Cedarville, OH IFB 3.25
Christian Life College Stockton, CA Bible College 3.25
Clear Creek Baptist Bible College Pineville, KY SBC 3.25
Heritage Bible College Dunn, NC FWB 3.25
Liberty University Lynchburg, VA SBC 3.25
The Master's University Santa Clarita, CA Non-Denom 3.25
Montana Bible College Bozeman, MT Bible College 3.25
Summit Christian College Gering, NE CoC 3.25
Trinity Bible College Ellendale, ND Bible College 3.25
Trinity College New Port Richey, FL Evangelist 3.25
Urshan College Florissant, MO UPC 3.25
Arlington Baptist College Arlington, TX IFB 3.5
Arrowhead Bible College Fishtail, MT Bible College 3.5
Calvary Chapel Bible College Indianapolis, IN Bible College 3.5
Emmaus Bible College Dubuque, IA Bible College 3.5
Jackson Hole Bible College Wilson, WY Bible College 3.5
Native American Bible College Shannon, NC Bible College 3.5
North Greenville University Greenville, SC IFB 3.5
North Love Baptist Bible College Rockford, IL Bible College 3.5
Shasta Bible College Redding, CA Baptist 3.5
Verity College Education Indianapolis, IN Bible College 3.5
Virginia Baptist College Fredericksburg, VA IFB 3.5
Alaska Bible Institute Homer, AK Bible College 3.75
Appalachian Bible College Mt. Hope, WV Bible College 3.75
Life Pacific College San Dimas, CA Pentecostal 3.75
Piedmont International University Winston-Salem, NC IFB 3.75
Portland Bible College Portland, OR Bible College 3.75
Southwestern Assemblies of God Waxahachie, TX AoG 3.75

*There is no official student handbook found on the BYU website. However, based on information from RationalWiki, we can give it an estimated "3.0".

Level 4 Category

Name Location Affiliation Level
Allegheny Wesleyan College Salem, OH Wesleyan 4.0-L
Baptist Bible College Springfield, MO IFB 4.0-H
Bob Jones University Greenville, SC IFB 4.0-H
Breckbill Bible College Max Meadows, VA [Possibly] IFB 4.0-H
California Coast Bible College Ventura, CA Bible College 4.0-L
Canadian Baptist Bible College Winkler, Canada IFB 4.0-H
CoBeAc Baptist Bible Institute Prudenville, MI Bible College 4.0-H
Cornerstone Bible Institute Hot Springs, SD Non-Denom 4.0-L
Elim Bible Institute Lima, NY Bible College 4.0-L
Elnora Bible Institute Elnora, IN Bible College 4.0-H
Faith Baptist Bible College Ankeny, IA Bible College 4.0-L
Florida Bible College of Tampa Tampa, FL Bible College 4.0-L
Free Gospel Bible Institute Export, PA Pentecostal 4.0-H
GBSC (God's Bible School) Cincinnati, OH Non-Denom 4.0-L
Golden State Baptist College Santa Clara, CA IFB 4.0-H
Grace Baptist College Gaylord, MI IFB 4.0-H
Hyles-Anderson College Crown Point, IN IFB 4.0-H
Kentucky Mountain Bible College Jackson, KY Wesleyan 4.0-H
Latin America Bible Institute San Antonio, TX AoG 4.0-H
Maranatha Baptist University Watertown, WI IFB 4.0-H
Midwestern Baptist College Orion, MI IFB 4.0-L
Northpoint Bible College Haverhill, MA Pentecostal 4.0-L
Oklahoma Baptist College Oklahoma City, OK IFB 4.0-L
Ozark Bible Institute Neosho, MO Pentecostal 4.0-H
Pacific Baptist Bible College Long Beach, CA IFB [?] 4.0-H
Pensacola Christian College Pensacola, FL IFB 4.0-H
Southeastern Free Will Baptist Wendell, NC FWB 4.0-H
SUM Bible College Oakland, CA Pentecostal 4.0-L
Word of Life Bible Institute Multiple Evangelist 4.0-H

Former Fundie Schools

These schools have since closed or shut down:

Name Location Affiliation Level
Cathedral Bible College Myrtle Beach, SC Bible College ?
Clearwater Christian College Clearwater, FL Non-Denom

(Possibly IFB)

Tennessee Temple University Chattanooga, TN IFB 4.0-H

7DA = Seventh Day-Adventist

AoG = Assemblies of God

CoC- = Churches of Christ

FWB = Free Will Baptist

IFB = Independent Fundamental Baptist

Inter-Denom = Inter-Denominational

LDS = Latter-Day Saints/Mormon

Multi-Denom = Multi-Denominational

Nazarene = Church of Nazarene

Non-Denom = Non-Denominational

RC = Roman Catholic

SBC = Southern Baptist Convention

UPC = United Pentecostal Church

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