Gambling is the wagering of money, or other material items, in a game with an uncertain outcome.


In order to make money, games are set up in a way that makes then unfair. In other words, on average, a gambler will lose more money than he/she wins. People can become addicted to gambling, and may end up losing their life savings. Lotteries are also a form of gambling. In Las Vegas, free drinks are handed out, causing gamblers to become drunk, and therefore, gamble vast amounts of money away. For these reasons, gambling is a form of exploitation. It is detrimental to the creation of an egalitarian, socialist society. Because of this, gambling must be heavily regulated.


We will never be able to get rid of gambling entirely. Even if gambling is made illegal, people will do it anyway, just as happens with Drugs, Alcohol and Prostitution. Some people also enjoy it. We need to set limits on these things. We should take action to prevent or reduce the way casinos exploit vulnerable people. We also need a social safety net to prevent the ruining of lives that come with huge gambling losses.

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