Gay exorcism happens in the United States in the United Kingdom and probably in other liberal countries where religious fundamentalist parents can force traumatic experiences onto underage children. Christian fundamentalists and Muslim fundamentalists are guilty of this as are other religions.


According to survivors, these religious fundamentalist parents use the following tactics.

1. Often, they will hire men to kidnap you. They toss you into a van, then drive you to a torture facility, which is somehow classified as a 'private school' by bigots.

2. They lock you there until you are 18, or until you are fully indoctrinated. However, if you refuse to cooperate, you will be left nothing to survive, and parents can sometimes file for 'mental illness' which allows them more time to indcotrinate you for 3 more years.

3. The gates of the facility are bolted with steel doors. It is almost impossible to escape.

4. In case there is violent resistance, often men with military backgrounds will sit on each of your limb until you conform.

5. There is no access to the outside world. You can write a letter to your parents, but they are reviewed and words are often crossed out. There is nothing out there for you to learn by yourself, only what they want you to learn.

Recently some liberals have been trying to pass the Stop Child Abuse in Residential Programs for Teens Act of 2011, which would ban these camps, but conservatives have again boycotted this vote, trying to allow themselves to indoctrinate their children. Since Mitt Romney [citation needed] and Rick Santorum [citation needed] have profited from these facilities, locking up around 10,000 to 100,000 children, it is unlikely that these fools will stop filibustering Congress due to Donald Trump being president.

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