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George McGovern was a Democratic Senator from South Dakota and a liberal. He ran for president in 1972, only to be defeated in a landslide by the corrupt Richard Nixon. Ironically the victory would end Nixon's political career, as the 1972 election was when the Watergate break-in occurred. He ran on an anti-war platform, criticizing the unwinnable Vietnam War. George McGovern was painted as a radical anti-war extremist due to this common sense position, despite the fact that he had served during World War II. Unfortunately this succeeded and Nixon beat him. While history proved McGovern right, he still holds this image as a radical.

Sadly George McGovern passed away in October of 2012.

If He Had Won

  • The Vietnam War might've ended earlier
  • The Watergate scandal never would have happened (obviously)
  • A generation would not have lost all of its trust in the government
  • The United States government would not be nearly as conservative as it became following this election and Ronald Reagan's presidency.