Glenn Lee Beck
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Mr. Beck
Political Party: Republican (before 2015)

Independent (2015-present)

Education: Sehome High School
Religion Mormon
Born February 10, 1964

Glenn Lee Beck is an insane Conservative Radio show host. He describes himself as a Libertarian but not a "crazy let's-get-rid-of-everything libertarian" Not everyone thinks he's actually Libertarian at all. [1] He may be following the current fashion of claiming to be Libertarian among ultraright fringe figures) along with being a "Conservative but not a zombie." He is also a Mormon like Mitt Romney & Jon Huntsman [2]


Beck crying to show his love of Conservativism

In 2007 Many of Glenn's sponsors pulled out of his show due to the fact that some don't agree that the supporters of Ron Paul are terrorists. [3]


We exaggerate just a little sometimes.

Beck strongly supports the Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States since he thinks it gives him the right to carry a gun everywhere he goes, including the movies and the streets so he can shoot people who look at him funny. He often emphasizes this on his irrational show, see Gun nut.

Common sense or stupid

Beck's former self-titled television show on Fox News often calls illogical thought "common sense" just to get people to believe it. Beck also has written a book, Common Sense as a rip-off of Thomas Paine's pamphlet of the same name. The difference between the two is that Paine's pamphlet was used to convince colonial Americans to rebel against the British rule and Beck's book is just conservative propaganda disguised by the "association" with the pamphlet. He said that Obama was a "scared little boy whose daddy left him and his mom abandoned him".[4]

Intelligence and eletes


It looks like he's either extremely stupid or a Stealth parodist.

Beck incessantly babbles about his hatred of elitists, and congratulated Chris Christie for stopping teachers from "subjugating" the state of New Jersey. Interestingly, he does this while at the same time scribbling on his chalkboard and creating Glenn Beck University, acting as an "intellectual" leader for the conservatives. It is easy to tell when he is pretending to be a teacher, because he puts on his glasses, apparently thinking this makes him look smart.


Beck uses far too much Nazi paraphernalia [5] and has an anti-Semitic agenda. [6] He goes so far off the edge that he seems like another Alex Jones.

Rape and murder

Glenn Beck allegedly raped and murdered a 10 year-old girl in 1990. He has neither confirmed nor denied these allegations. [7]Of course, the allegations is almost as stupid as the Obama birth certificate conspiracy theories.



Parenting Advice From Glenn Beck Push Your Kids Against The Wall

"Push them into the wall."

Glenn Beck thinks that you should teach your kids that God gives them their rights.  And if not, "push them into the wall because "if you don't do it now, it's gonna be much worse when they're pushed and they're shoved and they're shot[8]."

Considering the pro-gun attitudes of most of Beck's audience, the person who is most likely to shoot is very clear, especially if they're using domestic violence like pushing into a wall amounts to.

Donald Trump

Glenn Beck has said a lot of things about 2016 Presidential candidate Donald Trump so that Liberpedia thinks Beck may be Gay for Trump. We don't really know if this is true but here are a list of Statements made by Glenn Beck To Donald Trump

Beck said that Donald Trump is the "new Saul Alinsky.[9]

Beck came up with a very idiotic conspiracy theory that Donald Trump's Campaign was to help Hillary Clinton become POTUS. We wanted her to hopefully be POTUS but we doubt Trump was doing anything to help her win.[10]

Beck belives that if the GOP nominates Donald Trump then that move is going to destory the Republican Party.[11] We just wish destroying the Republican Party were soo easy.

Glenn Beck bashed Trump's using 9/11 to defend New York's values.[12]

He said to Bill O'Reilly that he (Beck) predicted Donald Trump's rise as a snowman who would say nothing.[13]

He also compared Trump's Muslim ban to Adolf Hitler.[14]

Then Beck goes on to say that Donald Trump Is A Dangerous Psychopath, Just Like Obama.[15]

He called Trump's shooting remark dangerous.[16]

He called Trump's Christian faith "The Biggest crock Of bullcrap he ever saw"[17]

He said Trump being in the White House would cause a civil war.[18]

Glenn Beck said that he would worry about his safety being around Trump[19] even though we should be worried about ISIS, Al-Qaeda, Hamas, Ku Klux Klan, Getting hit by cars, Sickness, shootings & other things that matter even more then Donald Trump.

On February 23 2016 when Beck was giving a speech in favor of Ted Cruz Trump went inside the same room making Beck very mad.[20] [21] Later Glenn Beck called Trump's supporters Brownshirt's & liken them to People in Ferguson, Missouri. Trump fought back by calling Beck an “idiot,” who “cries on television all the time.” [22]

Glenn Beck has a plan to stop Trump from Winning.[23]

Glenn Beck is currently being investigated for possibly wanting to stab Trump even though he said he was joking.[24] Does Glenn Beck have mental problems? We don't know but Jesus would tell Beck not to kill & stab people so therefore Beck is a HYPOCRITE.

Beck even slammed Dr. Ben Carson for supporting Trump.[25]

Beck thinks that Trump abuses women & says he should grow up Beck thinks Americans should stop letting Trump abuse them. [26] This is even though Beck should also grow up because he cries so much about Conservatism. Beck despises Trump even though he thinks like the conservatives who believe that a Hillary Clinton presidency would be the destruction of USA (not an exaggeration, they literally do).

Beck said that Real Christians would not support Trump.[27]


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