This article attacks Conservative Christians though we recognise that Liberal Christians can be better.


God Hates Fags is a group formerly ruled by the late Fred Phelps. Its members are simply the members of the Westboro Baptist 'Church'.

Hating gays

They hate most People, as their message is simply that God hates gay people and non-Homophobes (most of the population of Earth), and that America has smeared "fag feces blended with fag semen on the Bible" - Phelps has honestly said that: (Here, 35 seconds into the video). Yes - if you’re Gay, god will kick your ass and drop kick you into Hell. Anyone who doesn’t hate Gay people as they do is a fag enabler and will go to hell as well.

Hating The USA

America is apparently "doomed", and when bad things happen in America, The WBC say that is because Americans don’t smite the people that Westboro hate. The nuts with the WBC thank God for disasters like Hurricane Katrina and 9/11 and call such things "God’s Righteous punishment" - ironic, as 9/11 was caused by radical Islamists, who would never do anything in the name of the Christian God of Phelps and the WBC. Phelps imagined he knew what God does and doesn’t hate and what God hates is what Fred Phelps hated and the WBC hates.

Regular Christian

Regular Christians think that God hates intolerance, and fear that God will send Phelps and his family to Hell for intolerance. In particular, they say the way that Phelps' church pickets funerals and harasses grieving relatives (claiming their loved one is in Hell for being a 'fag' or a 'fag enabler') is appalling. Some regular Christians support Gay rights, others oppose gays but Westboro Baptist Church is widely despised.

Liberal Christians may hope that even Phelps and his family will be forgiven.

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