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Harry Potter is a fictional wizard created by liberal J. K. Rowling in her best selling books. Conservative activists have sworn to burn every last Harry Potter book in existence and kill J. K. Rowling because they believe she is the Devil [1], and because she took Dumbledore out of the closet! [2]

LGBT and plot

Harry Potter is a book written to make money for the author and publishers to inspire young GLBT people to be active for their rights. The first Harry Potter book, the Philosopher's Stone, or Sorcerer's Stone as the Conservatives at Scholastic called it for American release, is about a young boy named Harry Potter.

Harry Potter is an orphan because Lord Voldemort killed both Harry's parents. Voldemort is a hateful and powerful dark wizard, who is not unlike Adolf Hitler or Donald Trump. Lord Voldemort even tried unsuccessfully to put a Killing curse onto Harry. Young Harry is oppressed by his Aunt and Uncle, who have kept his wizardly heritage away from him, and forced him to live "in the closet". On his 13th birthday, he is approached by a large hairy man named Hagrid, who reveals his wizardly heritage to him. If you hadn't already guessed, "wizard" is a metaphor for "LGBT". They go to Diagon Alley, or Diagonally, as in not straight, to shop for many objects that would help Harry grow to be a more mature person, such as a "magic wand", phallic symbolism. Harry goes to Hogwarts school where he meets many friends. At the end of most books he fights Voldemort. Among Harry's rivals are Draco Malfoy. Draco Malfoy is in the neoconservative Republican Fraternity "Slytherin", where they secretly plan the invasion of foreign countries, worship owls, and watch pornography.r


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  • Harry Potter Harry Potter from Atheism Wiki This doesn't discuss the plot. Still there's information about good and bad possible effects of the book. Parents or older brothers and sisters should make sure young children reading Harry Potter understand the magic isn't real.

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