We sometimes like to mix parody and satire with good information. We know you're smart enough to tell the difference.

Human rights are considered to be the unalienable rights that all humans possess. All too frequently this has only applied to white Protestant men who submit to the will of the republicons in the Federal Government of the United States. Although there has been a significant attempt to make human rights a part of international law in the Nuremburg code, it has not been enforced and North Korea has been allowed to violate it and so have the Republicons with Gitmo.


White male Protestants have never rarely been stripped of their rights except in a few cases, when they are dissident of the Federal Government and are interned without trial at Guantanamo Bay. According to the Conservatives, all people who are not American are subhuman and have no human rights. Conservatives just might give white people like Europeans and Australians human rights at least some of the time. Oh, dear. Sound familiar?

In the former slave states in the Deep South there have been several incidents when police were filmed beating up black people. The whole World watched these films in disgust and the reputation of the United States abroad suffered. White juries later acquitted those police.

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