Here we're parodying Conservapedia, and we know we're exaggerating.

Hypocrisy is the sport of telling someone not to do something and then doing it yourself. It's very popular with conservatives. Hypocrisy is not popular with liberals because they're all great people and have never done anything wrong, ever. Well, hardly ever. As liberals don't hold other people to impossible moral standards, there's less reason to be hypocritical.

Examples of hypocrisy in the right-wing

Conservatives, especially religiously minded conservatives try to insist on very high moral standards while not everyone has the will power to maintain these standards. Too often this means struggling to avoid behavior that does no harm but goes against some religious based moral standard. Not everyone wants to stop enjoying harmless types of sex between consenting adults for example. Trouble is you can't stay in Conservative or Christian Conservative groups unless you keep to their moral standards or at least pretend to keep their moral standards.
Result: Conservative hypocrisy and it happens in other areas as well as sex.

Sarah Palin supported Abstinence until marriage, yet her teenage daughter got pregnant twice.

Adolf Hitler hated gays, Jews and non-Germans. Hitler was a closet gay kinky little bastard who liked a girl to dump onto his face, [1] feared he had Jewish ancestry [2] and was from Austria.

Choosing from the Millions of hypocritical "facts" on Conservapedia, my favourite is the article on Feminism, when they say feminists tend to believe that no part of their ideology is ever wrong. While saying this, Conservapedians minds are more closed than Laura Bush's legs, and they refuse any kind of debate whatsoever which may lead us to suggest that conservatives are NOT the answer to all the world's problems.

Conservapedia advocates the idea that Wikipedia is edited and managed by a bunch of unemployed, liberal teenagers sucking on the blood of the rich fascists that are Conservapedos. However, Conservapedia was founded as a project for Andrew Schlafly's propaganda (All-American history) class, and is probably still manned by the same poor, brainwashed, right-wing children he's "educated".

Examples of hypocrisy in the left wing

Liberapedia may be accused of bias in its dealings with Conservapedia and the other right-wing media channels of the present day. However, at no point on this site does it claim to take an unbiased point of view, or even produce 100% accurate facts, as Conservapedia do on theirs. But the hint's in their name... Conservapedia. Well, what do you expect?

Note! This article includes satire and humour/humour as well as factual information.

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