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"No Human is Illegal" - Irish graffiti

Illegal immigration laws are cruel.

Debra S of Yahoo Answers answers the question :"Why do people come to the USA illegally?"'

"For the same reason your ancestors did, to have a better life, many Americans have forgotton they are not native to the Americas.
You should not judge others for doing the same things for the same reasons your ancestors did.
I am related by marriage to some fellas that came to the US from Mexico illegally. One came in his early teens, because his dad died, he was the oldest son, and he wanted to support his family. He went to the border and asked how to come over legally, and the guards said, "Come back in 10 years, or come back with $10,000 and we'll let you across." He is in Mexico right now, trying to get here legally, and my niece and the kids are here in America, as they are American citizens. He's been trying to get over legally with the help of a lawyer for almost one year now. He had his own lawn care business that he gave up to do this.
Another one had been told that he couldn't go across as a teenager, because he was too young.
An elderly woman who my sister is related to by marriage, was told she was too old and couldn't go to America to see her son and grand-kids. And that was just for a short VISIT!! She has a nice home and wasn't planning on staying.
The working conditions in Mexico are awful in a lot of places, the pay is very low, there's no food stamps, no state run medical care, no social security, and so on.
We Americans have it a lot better than many others, and it's no wonder people want to get here, no matter how hard it is on them to be here illegally.

There's a lot of other issues and reasons, too. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Ironically, the average illegal immigrant who loves America enough to risk their life to get here is much more patriotic than the average Conservative secessionist traitor."

The 1% have created the myth of the immigration "problem" in order to secure their vast wealth. With immigrants being considered illegals, they are forced to work jobs far below the minimum wage, and live in constant fear of repatriation. This provides a means to frighten one's workers, and causes the elite to hoard wealth.

Interestingly, many Conservatives have loudly proclaimed the need for laws to stop illegal immigration... Because making it against the law would stop those damn illegals once and for all. Yep, no doubt.

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