Injustice warriors, or @$$!!0&$'s are Conservative-Reactionary or radical-Reactionary zealots who seem to be obsessed not just with any potential threat to their social, ethnic, religious, gender or economic dominance, but removing recognition of rights or constraints on misbehavior which were imposed in the past.

Antiliberal Attacks

IJ's, having observed liberal's disdain for hypocrisy, often attack what they percieve as liberal hypocrisy.  This may take such forms as using public spaces to attack equal rights, or advocate harm to minorities.  Liberals see this as an illegitimate use of Government.  IJ's are free to hold their opinions, within reason, to share those opinions amongst themselves in private forums, but many liberals feel Government does not have a duty to provide them a forum for advocating harm to others.


In political discourse, IJ's may try to use hyperbolic labeling of their opponents to hide a Reactionary Agenda.

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