A map of Iran.

Iran is a nation with an Islamic theocratic goverment that has horrible relations with Israel and the United States. Currently their controversial nuclear program has been accused of trying to make nuclear weapons. the economy of iran is mostly based on industry, agriculture, carpets, and of course lots of oil and natural gas. The majority of the population are Persians who speak Farsi and practice Shia Islam. Iran has many minorities such as Azeris, Armenians, Arabs, Kurds, Baluchis, Turkmens, Lurs and many more including the largest Jewish community in the Middle East outside of Israel. It is also home to Orthodox Christians, Bahais, Zoroastrians, and many more. Iran has a bad and corrupt government lead by Mahmud Ahmendinijad (who has no power) and SUPREME LEADER Khomeini (who has power). Ahmadinejad also is denying the holocaust!

Most Iranians, inside and outside of Iran, want a regime change, as seen by the 2009 Iranian election protests.

Iran has been ordered to pay $10.5 Million to the victims of 9/11.[1]


Iran has been ruled by a series of monarchies that were often very powerful and was never colonized. Iran has never truly been conquered, the very few times Iran has been taken over (3) each empire was assimilated into Persian culture. Eventually Iran became Muslim and in the 1800s Iran was under the Qajar empire which was very corrupt and was under heavy influence by Britain and Russia, in time Reza Khan replaced the government with himself as king. He was a moderniser but cruel, his government was neutral during World War II and was fairly nice to the Germans so the British replaced him by his son Reza Pahlavi, he was fraud. Iran’s oil was controlled by the British so when the Prime Minister nationalized it the Shah fled. British got angry at Iran’s first democracy so they went in and put the Shah back replacing the Prime Minister with the Shah. Eventually, the Iranian people protested the government. The strongest opposition leader at the time was Khomeini who won control of the country and turned it really bad. In short, America hates Iran because they got rid of the dictator we liked, much like with Cuba.

Iran today

1970s vs 2010s

Today Iran is a modern but repressed country that can become so much more if the good guys get in power for once. Iran is led by a psychotic madman who wishes to destroy both Israel and the United States. They are currently attempting to develop nuclear weapons and some people think they should be stopped with military force before they cause World War III. After all, they have proven that talks do not work because they are one of the forces in the world of terrorism.

Iran is the one of the greatest, happiest, best places to live on earth if you're an Islammic extremist who gets sadistic pleasure grinding other people down. It's a place where they do horrible things to you if you break sharia law.

Punishment in Iran may include death by stoning, amputation, and flogging.[1] Homosexuality is punishable by death.[2] If you are an atheist, you will not be treated as a citizen.

Liberalism in Iran

Liberalism in Iran is against the Islamic regime and therefore it is outlawed. All the members of The Liberal Democratic Party of Iran have been killed and the party is forced to exist outside of Iran, in Sweden.

Violation of Human Rights

If the 2009 Presidential election of Iran Mahmoud Ahmadinejad won but liberal Moussavi supporters claimed this was a fraud because everyone except the Khomeini (the supreme leader) hates him. This resulted in mass protests. The protesters have been assaulted, arrested and sometimes even murdered in cold blood by the police.

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